Child Support; Deadbeat Dads; Lucrative Annuity

Women can be predators too. Consider the woman who has three or more kids all by different men. Should these women be able to collect from all of them? Our current system isn’t fair to our hard working men. Something should be done about this. A man could end up in jail for not paying up. What are the consequences for women who sleep with multiple men for the purpose of enriching themselves?


2 thoughts on “Child Support; Deadbeat Dads; Lucrative Annuity

  1. Child support has nothing to do with “paying the mother”, it is support for the child. If a man does not want a child, be should be sure to protect himself. EVERY child should be supported. The amount of support paid compared to the cost of raising a child is not even close to fair. No one could survive on child support alone, so lucrative, not a chance.

  2. In many cases, whether or not some would like to believe it, women do actually get paid. Some get paid very well. Some do not. Sadly, some men do not support their children at all. I am not saying kids shouldn’t be supported. I for one have supported mine very well. Every situation is different. Ideally, in my opinion, government should not be in the business of enforcing child support or for that matter, they shouldn’t hold a gun to anyone’s head until they pay anyone else money. There are men out there who would very willingly support their children. Women should have some responsibility to determine who these men are before sleeping with them. Men should step up and support their children on their own. The system is flawed. Women should also spend the child support money on the child.

    Using the logic you use, should these women also be forced by the government to spend all of the money on the child? That would only be fair, wouldn’t it? Also, while we are at it, let the government prioritize what the money gets spent on. We might as well make sure they aren’t overpaying for certain items and tell them what stores they must shop at.

    My first instinct is to say government “Get Out!” Let churches and other charitable institutions help supplement these women’s (and men’s) promiscuity and let them do it with a good dose preaching God’s word to go along with it.

    Yes, ideally every child deserves to be supported. It is a moral issue. Let’s get the government out of our lives. Let the church deal with moral issues. Let the government protect us. Let us be free to protect our children in our own way.

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