Topics That Interests Me

Political Topics that Interest Me

Here is a table of contents to my future blogs. I have strong beliefs about some of these subjects.

  • The Internet, GPS and Smartphones
  • 24 Hour News Channels; When free speech corrupts a free society; Two guys telling the rest of us how to think about everything.
  • Incarcerating People In the United States
  • Big States vs Small States; Abolishing the US Senate
  • The New Scarlet Letter, 21st Century Witch Hunts
  • Safety versus Freedom
  • Lawyers and Insurance
  • No Fault States – Auto Insurance
  • Click It or Ticket;
  • DWI Laws
  • Open Container Laws
  • Energy Independence
  • Environment
  • The Church and Freedom of Speech
  • Child Support; Deadbeat Dads; Lucrative Annuity