Child Support; Deadbeat Dads; Lucrative Annuity

Women can be predators too. Consider the woman who has three or more kids all by different men. Should these women be able to collect from all of them? Our current system isn’t fair to our hard working men. Something should be done about this. A man could end up in jail for not paying up. What are the consequences for women who sleep with multiple men for the purpose of enriching themselves?


The Church and Freedom of Speech

Churches Silenced By Government

Churches in the United States are prohibited from speaking out about legislation. They are further prohibited from speaking out in favor or against political candidates. If a church engages in the political process it will lose its tax exempt status and may not be able to financially support itself.

Separation of Church and State

The U.S. Constitution does not say that there should be a “separation of church and state” it says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …” This has been twisted to mean “separation of church and state.”

We Need God in Government

We need God, and godly men and women, in government. What we do not need is government interfering in church.

A Call to Action

We should all call our congressmen and senators and demand that the internal revenue code be changed to allow churches to engage in the political process and keep their tax exempt status.

Topics That Interests Me

Political Topics that Interest Me

Here is a table of contents to my future blogs. I have strong beliefs about some of these subjects.

  • The Internet, GPS and Smartphones
  • 24 Hour News Channels; When free speech corrupts a free society; Two guys telling the rest of us how to think about everything.
  • Incarcerating People In the United States
  • Big States vs Small States; Abolishing the US Senate
  • The New Scarlet Letter, 21st Century Witch Hunts
  • Safety versus Freedom
  • Lawyers and Insurance
  • No Fault States – Auto Insurance
  • Click It or Ticket;
  • DWI Laws
  • Open Container Laws
  • Energy Independence
  • Environment
  • The Church and Freedom of Speech
  • Child Support; Deadbeat Dads; Lucrative Annuity

New Blog

This blog will contain my views on various subjects. Most of these subjects will be political in nature. I do however plan occasionally to write on the other subjects. I plan on making this blog public but will remain anonymous for now. I suppose I might find some pen name to write under. Please note, most of these blogs will probably be spoken from my voice dictation apparatus on my iPhone. Grammatical and spelling errors are probably going to be common. It is my plan to go back and correct these at a later date.