The National Press, Destroying Our Country?

The first amendment prohibits infringing on the freedom of the press. Rupert Murdock (Fox News) and Ted Turner (CNN) control the national news reporting in this country. They not only tell people what the news is, but go to great links to spin the news in any way they see fit.  They have experts on twenty-four hours a day constantly telling people how they should think.  Most people watch the channel of their choice and have the illusion of thinking for themselves. There are so many more choices and ideas than these “news” channels offer us. Back in the old days, news was reported and opinions were for the most part left out. I have always believed in freedom of the press, but I’m not sure that such unbridled freedom by such big news organizations are good for our country. I believe the news monopolies should be broken up and that the press should not be allowed to grow into huge billion dollar companies. I’m not sure how it should be structured, but some control is needed. Murdock,  the owner of Fox News isn’t even an American, yet we willingly believe what he is selling in our living rooms. I believe the news corporations are  polarizing and paralyzing our country more that congress ever did. </p